As a watercolorist, I am something of an oddity – my paintings are created in the photorealist style rather than the loose wash usually associated with watercolor. I want the end result to be as faithful a representation of the original scene as possible.Photorealism suits me perfectly since I am by nature a rather conservative person. I love to study, discover, and then recreate all the detail I see in my subject matter. Highlights and shadows, smoothness and wrinkles, sparkles, shine, textures, volume – I take note of it all and how everything interacts so that I can produce a faithful version on paper. I love noodling in all that detail and creating a painting that reflects reality. To borrow a phrase from Shakespeare, I “hold a mirror up to nature”.

Although I find inspiration from many different sources, I gravitate to still lifes so that I can take multiple photos of my set-up and then work directly from the individual items. And I love to work with lots of color! Lollipops, candies, fruits and vegetables and brightly patterned china are the items that populate a majority of my works.

I like to think of my still lifes as ‘eye candy’, colorful images of everyday stuff waiting to be viewed and admired. It gives me great pleasure to be able to take ordinary items and create a work of art from them which leaves the viewer impressed by its realism. But, the occasional building, animal or farm stand (again, lots of colors and shapes) can also attract my attention and become the subject of a painting.When people view my work, I want them to be able to sense the subjects’ textures – how the items would feel, smell or taste. If one looks at a painting of mine and can imagine the roundness and substance of the fruit, the smoothness of the glass, the cold of the silverware or the aroma of the chocolate, I consider it a success.

Happy viewing!

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